Answers to common questions asked by CAT aspirants – Part 2

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This is part 2 of “Answers to common questions  asked by CAT aspirants”. In this article, the first myth we are looking at is;

My classmate is also going to write the exam. I should worry about him/her scoring more than me.

Not at all. CAT is an exam that approximately 2 lakh individuals take every year, and many repeat the exam for several years. You can use synergy with your classmates. Use WhatsApp
groups effectively. Download good books, share useful article links, discuss on trending topics (not the trp kind of trends, rather the healthy ones). Help each other to score better. It helps one create a healthy competition because mild levels of envy helps increase productivity. Make sure the group is not a place you waste a lot of time. Make sure you chuck out people who spam the group. Make sure you have enough like minded individuals in the group to be able to carry out a healthy discussion.

One last thing, You should not be the only provider in the group. That would lead to an early burnout when everyone else is there only to leech on you. It’s like using torrents. Unless everyone shares, the system won’t work.

It’s a competitive exam, counter-intuitively you don’t have to worry about your classmate scoring more than you. There are 9999 other aspirants out there who you need to compete with. Essentially more than 15 people score the coveted 100th percentile.

Takeaway: Collaborate with like-minded productive people. Create your path to glory.

Myth 2 for this post: Joining a Coaching guarantees success.

“In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes” – Benjamin Franklin.

Research well before joining any Coaching for CAT. Understand that just because *insert some random number here* aspirants from X institute scored more than 99.xx percentile in last cat doesn’t mean that is your best bet for you.

1. People buy results from top scorers.
2. It is easy to manipulate (prospective) consumers because of Confirmation Bias they have been put into, with gimmicks spread across the world wide web. A wide net is cast to catch the unsuspecting prey and keep him/her in the dark, until one day he/she feels cheated, but it’s already too late to recover, and more importantly one has lost not just money, but a precious year that could have given you the advantage over someone else in your career growth, or to have escaped that impending economic recession.
3. Results and reviews can be created. It’s like magic. So try something for yourself. In a brick and mortar classroom, ask for a demo class.
4. In an online platform ask to sample. We, the regular middle class Indians need to develop that sense of consumer rights. We go meek and shy when it comes to asking for sample, as if it’s a shame on your status to do so. Consider this as an equivalent of test driving that 2 lakh worth thunderbird before making the payment. Only difference is, the 2 lakhs can be earned elsewhere, but not in the year you lost.

Look at your personal priorities, schedules and other important factors before committing yourself to anything.

Here I would like to quote Saint Thiruvalluvar
“எண்ணித் துணிக கருமம் துணிந்தபின்
எண்ணுவம் என்பது இழுக்கு”
(“Enni thuniga karumam thunindhapin
ennuvam enbadhu izhukku”)

This translates to – Think and plan before you undertake something, it’s a shame to
ruminate after the choice is made.
Takeaway: There is one person responsible for your success or failure and no, it’s not luck, fate or destiny. It’s “YOU”. Remember that.
The author Bharathwaj works with 2IIM, building the business & teaching. Excellent counselor, bonds with students like no one else, passionate about what he does & Travels a lot. 

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