CAT Preparation – Rumours

Of all the endearing qualities of CAT aspirants, the ability and willingness to give credence to any rumour is the most likeable. Many websites earn their daily bread based on this.

My friend’s friend said so
So, it must be true no?
I can feel it, it is a dead cert
I even heard it from a real “Expert”

I have prepared for this for ages
Only for them to change the weightages
My decision long ago to do BE
has stacked the odds against me

I then called the guys at 2IIM
Purely to satisfy a whim
Told them about this giant overhaul
They said this changes things not at all

Dude then droned on about meritocracy
To me it sounded like he was talking crazy
“If the paper seen by one is the one seen by all
What could be the grievance for anyone at all?”

His logic seemed simple, but it cannot be that easy
I know something else, so I know it is a fallacy
As I said, my friend’s friend said so
So, it must be true no?

This was written, purely in jest, when suddenly we heard that CAT 2016 was going to have 44 questions in VARC, and 28 each in Quant and DI-LR.

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