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In this series (Common questions asked by CAT Aspirants), I will answer a few of the most commonly circulated rumors, questions, facts etc related to the feline. You can treat this as a compendium of myths. We will look at the facts, try and argue for and against the fact and see if there are any exceptions to the same and how one should (not) be bothered by the same.

Myths 2 & 3 can be found here

Myth 4: Using facebook groups (erstwhile it used to be pagalguy) is effective preparation, because information is wealth, isn’t it?”

If you are faint hearted, please stop reading this now, and get the hell out of this page, as we proceed to look at some ugly truths hiding behind good looking lies.


Time spent on Facebook or pagalguy (in older days) is “feel good time”. There are very few students who have actually benefitted from spending time in these fora. However, there are exceptions to everything, right?

Do not count the hours spent on Facebook as “preparatory hours”. One could think about it as feel good time, not preparation time. It is you cheating yourself under the pretext of preparation. And we do know those who are determined are those who bell the cat and not those who spend hajaar time on Facebook.

There are already a million distractions ranging from Instagram posts, facebook reminding you that you last changed your profile pic 20 days ago, whatsapp notifications and what not. So do not fall into the trap of convincing yourself that it is productive and you are learning while using facebook.

To watch this in a video format, click here.

Myth 5: Taking a couple of mocks in the last few weeks is sufficient.

Who am I? The engineer who relied solely on last night preparations to digest volumes of PK Nag, RS Khurmi or RK Bansal or sometimes couple of them combined. This methodology does not work here. You could be a master of last night cramming. But those skills don’t really come in handy for CAT Prep.

Likewise, taking mocks in the last couple of weeks doesn’t help. One needs to start taking mocks as early as Mid June. It’s completely fine if you have started your prep only in June. Taking a mock without preparation is not waste of money, as commonly believed. I strongly believe that the scores obtained in the first four mocks does not matter much. It’s the experience that you are paying for. The experience of sitting in a place, staring at a monitor for 3 hours, being “switched on” throughout those three hours etc is the takeaway from writing the first couple of mocks. Another takeaway from a mock is, It will let you know the harsh reality about your preparation and how much one needs to improve to get a stellar CAT score, and probably the time spent on a daily basis so far is just not enough, and the need to crank up intensity of CAT preparation.

If you feel like, “I will take a mock once I’m confident, and once I have completed my preparation of all topics”, you my friend are in for a surprise. That day is never going to come. Maybe you will complete CAT, and still not feel that you are ready to take on this exam.

So take a mock as soon as possible. You know what? Close this tab, go to and take the first mock for free. Then watch the entire mock being taken by the core faculty of 2IIM, Rajesh Balasubramanian (4 Time CAT 100 Percentiler) in this video.


The author Bharathwaj works with 2IIM, building the business & teaching. Excellent counselor, bonds with students like no one else, passionate about what he does & Travels a lot. 


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