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A place where can find all answers to your queries pertaining to Mocks – an A to Z Guide to Everything You Need To Know About Mock CATs.

  1. START: When should we start taking Mock CAT?

This is akin to asking ‘when can I have my lunch?’ when you are already hungry with food before you, waiting to be eaten.

Take that first Mock now. A lot many students keep it for post preparation period, which unfortunately never comes. So take it now and get it out of your system as soon as you can. This  video drives that point home while answering this ancient question.


2. STRATEGY: What should be the strategy for mocks?

  1. Take Mock
  2. Review Mock
  3. Identify gaps
  4. Revisit Fundamentals. Create a check list with this and stick it in your study. Review the list whenever you take a mock.

Sounds very simple but it has more to it than what meets the eye. Watch the following video to get a clear cut strategy for taking Mocks.


  1. DO’s AND DON’Ts: What are the do’s and don’ts while taking mocks?

Can I take Mocks from different providers?

Can I take multiple mocks in a day?

How much should I read into my latest mock’s percentile?

Find the answers for these questions and a lot more by clicking here.


  1. VOLATILE SCORES: What to do if scores are volatile?

The Mocks are just a reflection of what could be possible with the kind of preparation and mental alertness that you had during that period of taking THAT particular Mock CAT. Hence, it would be prudent to look at the Mocks as an opportunity to assess your preparation rather than a milestone because it really ain’t one. So, the scores are bound to be volatile initially, kindly don’t sweat over it. Watch the following video to know how to fix volatile scores.

‘All that is fine but what should I do if I tank the latest mock?’ – you may ask. Getting the ‘jitters-of-bombing’ an exam out of the system as soon as possible is half the distance covered in your path towards glory – is what we say. So, count yourself fortunate to have met the worst in the first few mocks itself and move on.

Here is what you can do to get over the dejection and focus on surging ahead.

Meanwhile, when you break for a breather, read up on the actual truth behind the Mock CATs and their much celebrated percentiles by clicking here.

  1. REVIEW: How to review a mock CAT?

Everyone tells you that the value in taking mock CATs lies in analyzing them, and not just in mechanically taking them. How exactly does one analyze a mock CAT? Here is a video that will guide you through the Mock reviewing process. Click here if you like it written.


  1. Which providers are good for mock CATs?

It is very important to choose a Mock CAT provider whose tests are very relevant to the CAT. What is all the more important is whether the provider focuses on providing detailed solutions and helps with the thought process. In other words, have a look at the 2IIM Mocks before you go looking elsewhere.  We offer 12 Online Mocks and 8 Online Previous Year Question Papers with 50+ Sectional Tests all for a price that is worth every penny.


  1. How many mocks should I take?

As many as you can but not to simply pile up your Mock counts. Take enough mocks when you are fresh. Take some when you are not so fresh. Prepare yourself for different scenarios. Experiment. And while you are at it always ensure to identify what you have learnt from them. The value you derive from each and every mock counts as much as the number of mocks you take or prolly a bit more even.


  1. What is the optimal strategy while taking a mock CAT?

The 10 commandments to be followed while taking Mocks. The following video will lay down the frequently made mistakes, things to look out for and ideas to keep in mind while taking CAT.


  1. How many questions should we attempt if we target xx percentile?

How many questions need to be attempted to get a 95th or 99th percentile in each section of CAT 2016 ?? The following video will give you a rough idea about what you should be aiming for.

Hope that answers all the questions pertaining to Mock CATs.

All the Best for your CAT Preparation.




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