SNAP vs CAT – A comparison

It is that time of year when the MBA fever grips the country. If you are reading this article, you probably are wondering which colleges to look at. While CAT and IIMs are the first which come to mind, there are other exams out there which are gateways to colleges which provide equally great opportunities. In this article, we will look at SNAP and the colleges it opens the doors to. Some basic pointers first –

  1. SNAP stands for Symbiosis National Aptitude Test.
  2. It provides admission to the 15 Symbiosis Institutes.
  3. Some of the premier colleges which one can apply for through SNAP include SCMHRD and SIBM.

So how does SNAP fare in comparison to CAT?

To start with, SNAP is considered to be relatively easier than CAT. The type of questions asked is also not wildly different. Preparation for CAT creates 80% of the groundwork needed for SNAP.

Test Pattern

Symbiosis National APtitude Test has 150 questions which have to be solved in 120 minutes, while CAT has 100 questions which need to be solved in 360 minutes. This means that SNAP aspirants need to be fast when solving questions while still maintaining accuracy.

General Knowledge?

SNAP not only has the three staple sections of any MBA exam – Quant, DI/LR and Verbal but also has a section on GK.

Let us Look at the Brighter side

SNAP has a fixed marking scheme while in CAT questions may carry negative marks based on the type of question which is being asked (no negative for type in type out questions). So no confusion.

SNAP does not have any sectional cutoffs. If you are not great at Verbal or have issues with GK, SNAP gives you the option to compensate the same by doing very well in the Quant and DI/LR.

No confusions whatsoever

While CAT has MCQs and subjective questions, SNAP only has MCQs. So if worst comes to worse, you still have a 1/4 chance to get marks in SNAP versus the subjective questions in CAT. This matters, since one question could be the difference between you and your dream college.

To conclude, SNAP and CAT are gateways to top colleges in the country. While CAT gives entry into 150+ institutes, SNAP is for the 15 Symbiosis colleges in India which provide with an MBA degree. You need to research to figure which course suits you best. Some courses, such as the MBA in Infrastructure Management or Business Analytics are niche courses which have a lot of scope but are not talked about that much.

Always apply for all the exams, you never know what might work for you. From an exam point of view, in case you are a candidate who feels that cutoffs will be a constraint in your admissions process and are able to manage time well, SNAP is your type of exam.

Best Wishes for your MBA Journey

This piece is contributed by Aditya Nambiar, SCMHRD

SNAP registrations open shortly.

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